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Romance and dating scams are a growing problem. These scams revolve around social media and online dating sites. Con artists create fake profiles

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Romance scam recovery expert

Romance scam recovery expert for hire

The digital currency industry has made a name for itself as an exciting new way to make money, with many people reporting huge gains on their investments. But the industry also presents an opportunity for scammers to prey on their victims.
Scammers will make up stories about how they can double your crypto, claiming that they can “unlock” it or “release” it from a holding pattern. 

They’ll also send out fake emails asking you to verify your information. These are all scams! The real people who have access to your crypto don’t need to ask for verification, they already have enough information to do what they need to do.
Cryptocurrency is exciting, intriguing… and risky. After all, the whole premise behind Bitcoin is that it’s decentralized, there’s no central authority to regulate it or keep it in check. So if you get scammed, there’s not much you can do, right?

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Romance scams are a form of fraud that's on the rise.

We have some tips and knowledge that are going to help you people who are dealing with the romance and dating scam.

If you don’t know what is romance and dating scam, it is a form of fraud in which someone pretends to be someone they are not, in order to gain your trust or money. It’s like a con-artist but for online relationships. And if it doesn’t stop at romance and dating scams, it could also mean that an individual has a criminal record, no job, and might even be considered an illegal immigrant. 

They pretend to be someone else in order to make money by convincing you that they need money from you, so they will steal from you. This can happen because of fraud or debt recovery scams.

There are actually many types of romance scams; it usually involves someone pretending to be single and needing financial support. However they may also mention something sexual or romantic-related, or say they have been hurt by their current partner (like sexual assault).

In a more advanced scenario, romance scam can take the following forms;

Investment Romance Scams: These types of scams involve a romantic relationship, but instead of asking for money directly, the scammer encourages the victim to invest in a business. Then the business fails or is never started at all, leaving the victim unable to recover their investment.

Phishing Romance Scams: This type of scam works similarly to common phishing emails—the scammer will pretend to be from a legitimate company like a bank or credit card company and send an email asking for personal information. If you respond with your personal details, they can use that information to steal your identity or drain your bank account.

Choosing The Right Dating Platform

If you are single, you’ve probably heard about online dating. You may have even tried it out for yourself. But did you know that the right platform can make or break your chances of finding love?

There are many different platforms to choose from, but only two types: free and paid. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, read on!


Free platforms usually mean two things: they’re free to use and they have a wide selection of users. This makes them appealing to people who don’t want to pay a monthly fee, or who want a larger pool of potential matches. However, users tend to be less serious about the process, and there are often safety concerns associated with using these sites. Additionally, messages from other users aren’t always genuine—it’s common for scammers to use these sites as well.


Paid platforms tend to have fewer users than free platforms because people have to pay to use them. However, those who do pay are often more serious about finding romance online than those who use free sites. They also tend to be more trusting of messages from other users.

With the rise of online dating, choosing the right platform is more important than ever.

  • If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, look for one that has a large proportion of users who are looking for that kind of thing. For example, Match is better known for its long-term relationships than OkCupid or Tinder.
  • Make sure your profile is as complete as possible; some platforms have minimum requirements before they will allow you to message other users. Pair up with friends if you need help proofreading your profile and selecting the right pictures, or take a class on it.
  • You should always do some research on the platform before creating an account. Check out their safety page to see their policy on moderating content and spoofing accounts. Look at what precautions they take in helping users avoid fake profiles.
  • Look at the features available on the platform, including chat features and matching algorithms. Think about what you’re looking for in a partner and whether or not the features offered will help you meet those needs.

How Romance Scam Works

You’ve probably come across a fake profile on an online dating platform at some point in your life. People often create fake accounts to scam others for money, or just to be mean and ruin other people’s experiences. And even though platforms like Tinder, OkCupid, Match, Bumble and more have been working hard to improve their security systems, there are still ways for people with bad intentions to get around the rules. That’s why we’re warning you about romance and dating scams—so you can avoid becoming a victim.

Romance scammers use online dating sites and social media platforms as tools for their business. They create fake profiles, not only on dating sites but also on social media platforms. Once they have a large number of followers, they tell them that they are looking for love or friendship and start getting closer to them.

They build trust by sending sweet messages – but then everything changes. The scammer may either ask you to send them money directly or give them your financial information so they can take it themselves—and if you don’t comply, they threaten to blackmail you by sharing private details or photos with all of your Facebook friends or followers.

How To Not Fall For A Romance Scam

Romance and dating scams are a serious problem, especially around the holidays. The most important thing is to not be ashamed if you fall victim—it’s easy to feel tricked when you’ve been duped. But you can only prevent so much, and it’s no reflection on you or your judgement as a person if someone is clever enough to make you believe what they’re saying.

Here are some tips to avoid romance and dating scams:

  • Don’t let fear get in the way of protecting yourself and your information—if someone is pressuring you for money, personal details, or something else that makes you uncomfortable for any reason, just stop talking to them!
  • Learn how to spot scammers—there are some great resources out there that can help (look for the ones from reliable sources)
  • Report fake profiles—they’re usually easy to spot, but even if you aren’t sure whether someone is being truthful with you or not, report them anyway! The more people who report these kinds of profiles, the easier it’ll be for social networks to keep them off their platforms. You don’t want other people falling victim because they didn’t know what was happening!
  • Make sure you never send money or gifts to someone you haven’t met in person. 
  • Don’t respond to request for money or financial information from someone you don’t know. If an online match asks you for money, it is a scam 100% of the time. 
  • Don’t be fooled by language barriers either—scammers can be very convincing and use complex stories to lure their victims in. Always make sure to get on phone a couple of times with a potential date before agreeing to meet in person.
  • Never share personal or financial information, or pay an advance fee for a loan or other offer. 
  • Be wary of anyone who says they are from your country but stuck somewhere else, especially if they ask for financial help to return home.

While scammers often meet their victims on dating sites, where there is reason to believe someone may be vulnerable and looking for love, scammers may also use other platforms like social media or email to make contact.

If you do meet someone online, make sure you take steps to protect yourself. Make sure you get to know the person before agreeing to meet offline. You don’t have to rush into a relationship without taking some time to see if the person is who they say they are. Be cautious before you meet someone online, and be aware that it’s not always as easy to tell the difference between a potential romantic interest and a bad person online.

Scammed By A Romance Scammer?

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Report Scam

If you’ve been scammed, here’s what to do:

1. Don’t be embarrassed. Romance scams are incredibly common and incredibly effective. These scammers are pros, and they know exactly what to say to make you believe them and believe in them. Don’t blame yourself for being tricked, but do take action right away.

2. Report it to the FTC. The FTC is the Federal Trade Commission, and they take these scams very seriously, so seriously, in fact, that they have a whole page on their website devoted to romance scams.

3. Tell your bank or credit card company if you’ve sent money or gave out your account information. They may be able to help prevent your account from getting charged or refund the money you lost.

4. Keep copies of everything emails, texts, and photos that have anything to do with the scammer or the scam itself (you never know when it might come in handy).

5. If you’ve given out personal information about yourself like usernames and passwords for social media accounts or email accounts, change those passwords as soon as possible


Let the Journey To Recover
Your Money Begin

Chargeback Pros is here to help you fight back against romance and dating scams.

Romance and dating scams are a growing problem. These scams revolve around social media and online dating sites. 

Con artists create fake profiles using stolen photos, often of attractive people. They then build an online relationship with their victims, sometimes for months. At some point, they will claim to have a financial emergency and ask for money from their victims.

  • Never send money or give credit card details, online account details, or copies of important personal documents to anyone you don’t know or trust.
  • Think carefully about how much personal information you share on social networking sites. Scammers can use your information and pictures to create a fake identity or to target you with a scam.
  • Be wary of requests for money, no matter how tragic the circumstances seem. And remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

chargeback pros is a great service.

Jameson Andrews
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