Smart Contract Audit

ChargebackPros smart contract auditing service helps people analyze their code for vulnerabilities to fraud and scams, with a guarantee.

Smart Contract Audit

Officially certified methods & technologies to deliver best results!

Looking to invest in a smart contract? Make sure it’s been thoroughly audited first!

By conducting a detailed examination of the code, our team of experts can help prevent you from falling for common scams like honeypots and rug pulls. So before you put your faith – and money – into something new, be sure to let us take a look!

What we offer


Vulnerability Check

smart-contract fuzzing and vulnerability check is a method of testing a smart contract to search for bugs, loopholes, and vulnerabilities. It can also be used to check for malicious code.

Smart Contract Audit

Team and Project Doxxing

This is a method of gathering and recognizing personal information about each member of a cryptocurrency project team. 

Reclaim Crypto

Liquidity Check

Smart contract liquidity check is to detect the buy-sell patterns, how many token holders there are, and determine what effect those movements might have on your token market price.

Need a personalised solution?

Are you looking for a comprehensive cryptocurrency and smart contract audit? Look no further than Chargebackpros. Our team of experts will examine your code with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that it is up to par with industry standards. Contact us today to get started!