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In the crypto world, it’s easy to get hacked. And if you’re not careful, your funds could be gone forever.

That’s why we’re sharing these 4 tips for recovering your NFTs after a hack or scam:

1. Track the scammers: If you can’t find them, start by getting in touch with the exchange that was hacked and ask for any information they have about the criminals.

2. Get help from experts: There are a lot of people out there who know how to track down hackers and scammers—you just need to ask them!

3. File a chargeback request with us to fight for you where you purchased your cryptocurrency using your card: The sooner you do this, the better chance there is of recovering your stolen funds!

4. File an insurance claim against the credit card company if they offer coverage against theft of digital currency:

Some credit cards offer insurance against theft of digital currency on their accounts when used in certain ways (like buying cryptocurrency).

If yours does too then definitely take advantage of this option as it could save you thousands of dollars!

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At Chargebackpros, we believe that no one should have to lose their hard-earned money. That’s why we take chargebacks seriously.

It’s important to realize that scammers aren’t always criminals—they could also be employees or other individuals who are authorized to withdraw funds from a company account. 

They might have been pressured into withdrawing funds by another individual or group of people, so tracking down the person responsible for withdrawing the money is just one step in recovering your funds.

While it’s always best to report the crime as soon as possible if you’re unsure of who exactly is responsible for the hack/scam and what their real identity is, you may need some help from an expert.

If you need help finding those responsible for taking your money, check out Chargebackpros today!

Chargebackpros is a company that specializes in the investigation of cryptocurrencies. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to track down your stolen cryptocurrency and get it back for you.

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