Telegram Crypto Dump To Reveal True Faces of Many Influencers


Telegram Crypto Dump To Reveal True Faces of Many Influencers

Telegram Crypto Dump To Reveal True Faces of Many Influencers

A throwaway Twitter account was created a few hours back and it made some big claims which can reveal the true identities and agendas of Crypto influencers. If the claims are held up then we may see what our favorite crypto influencers talk about their followers and what is the reality behind the scenes.

Crypto Communities on Telegram Exposed

A Twitter handle @adyingnobody made a bold claim that they will be releasing 137.21 GB of private Telegram data of private communities while focusing on crypto influencers and those related to the crypto scene.

Telegram Crypto Dump To Reveal True Faces of Many Influencers

Telegram Is not Safe?

Telegram is famous for its privacy and while the claims can turn out to be false, one can not rule it out as the securest of platforms have been exploited in the past including Telegram and today may not be any exception.

According to @adyingnobody, an exploit in October of 2019 allowed one to access the group page with recent messages if proper permissions were not set up while the team at Telegram have been contacted about the exploit is what is being claimed. The exploit was not discovered by the individual as the individual has seen the mention of this exploit in the wild. By exploiting this vulnerability on Telegram, one could recreate an invite to view the overview page and recent messages of any Telegram group of an individual user without joining the group, this would mean private groups made by crypto influencers where they talk with their team, crypto projects including P&D groups, NFT Projects, Paid Crypto communities and everything related to crypto. The supposed telegram data dump will be from October 2019 to May 2022.

A script was written that downloaded every message sent to any Telegram group with targeted individuals, you may know some of them as crypto influencers, while others targeted included many investors in the space.

crypto influencers

Crypto Influencers / Celebs Private Talk / Scams

I won’t be surprised if many crypto influencers and celebrities messages are revealed and it turns out that they are being unfair with their own fan following.

Hacker narrates the experience: As Telegram adoption among crypto users began to grow, it began to become increasingly difficult to monitor all these group chats so I stepped away for a while and let the messages continue to download and be copied to a personal server. For the most popular traders in the community, spying on them became a hobby. From personal events in their lives shared with their closest friend groups, to scams and rug pulls that were created on their way to success, financially and socially on Twitter. Some even moving on from their days of bygone scams under anonymous names with their groups of friends (while others continue to persist to this day). Artists pretending to be developers, developers pretending to be artists. Those pretending to be rich, those pretending to be poor, pretending to be someone you’re not. All of that was exposed to me.

Telegram takes pride as a privacy focused platform which makes people talk freely and share things which they should not share, if any of the claims are true we may end up seeing lots of damaging stuff in this telegram crypto data dump.

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The hacker also claims that many of the individuals or projects which will be named will not survive this, either due to public backlash, financial fraud, or other obscure reasons such as embarrassment. Some may step down from their positions of power, others will likely ignore it as they can’t claim the messages that are archived are fraudulent unless everyone involved in the group chats are all on the same page.

When and What – Telegram Crypto Data Release

From June 15th onwards we may see published excerpts which will include :
– crypto influencers, ranging from as little as 800 followers to as much as 1M followers
– discussions pertaining to racism and homophobia, of adultery and sexual assault on members of the public and those within the crypto communities
– those with 8-9 figures and high amounts of Twitter followers discussing rug pull projects, projects intended to scam the community and individuals, dating between Dec 2019 – Feb 2022
– killing and stealing the crypto of an individual with a group of friends

June 30th Onwards :
– project creators in the top 200 mcap projects, from yield-farming projects, to stable coins, to AMM’s all designed from the start to siphon funds from the majority of users
– discussions of everything included from the crypto influencers
– invitation to orgies on private jets, in mansions, in VR settings, orgies everywhere
– sexual assault, rape, and paedophilia including podophilic orgies with victims as young as 8 years old
– assassination, not once, not twice, but three times (coordinated through telegram)
– lots of adultery and weird obsessions with ex-girlfriends by gifting them millions in dollars hoping to get them to fall back in love with you (you know who you are, just let it go)
– asking twitter employees to personally delete and/or ban accounts

On July 7th all data amounting to 137.21 GB will be released.

File named “CTGHistory” with hash e135846e2594f4ddb45abee1e27c8521329e440b9af77891a29ae54f8cd71bbc and file size of 137.21GB will be shared as a .7zip. The file will be password protected and the password will be shared as signed transaction on following Ethereum wallet address : 0xdC56BCccf3fa51687f339E2425E9Bc1a2acB42Ee


It is very likely that this is a bluff and we may not see such data but if the data surfaces the web, it can have really damaging effects for those who are not very honest with their fan following and everyone including me would want the damaging effects for such indviduals, crypto scams are a menace and at times those we look up for crypto decisions are the ones misleading us by using their influence. I will update the post if the claims are false or otherwise.

What you are expecting how your favourite crypto influencer is behind the back and do you think they are not being honest ?


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