Inland NorthWest Private Investigators Association (INWPIA)


Inland NorthWest Private Investigators Association (INWPIA)

  • October 21
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Join Inland NorthWest Private Investigators Association Today!


Transparency, Truth, and Training

Inland NorthWest Private Investigators Association (INWPIA) is a non-profit professional organization founded in August 2021, answering the call for truth, transparency, and training.

It’s essential for private investigators to join industry associations in order to stay updated on the best tactics, legislation, networking, and more. INWPIA promotes educational services, training, and legislative efforts that promote the highest standards of professional conduct, due diligence, ethics, and upholds the public trust in the pursuit of excellence.


  • FREE – Network and Referral Services.
  • FREE – Members Only ListServ – Video – Chat.
  • FREE – Addition to our Professional Membership Business Directory.
  • FREE – OSINT Resources – Public Records – Statutes – Information.
  • FREE & Paid Training with Certifications (*), CE – Educational Credits – Licensing, Resources, and Professional Development Available. (*) Certain conditions apply.
  • FREE – Prestigious Certificate of Membership and INWPIA Promotional Gifts and Events during the holiday calendar year.
  • FREE – Subscription to “The Premier Private Investigators – OSINT Newsletter!” sent quarterly in collaboration with Remnant Investigations LLC.
  • Support local communities, charities, events, and the moral welfare, safety, security of our members and the public trust.
  • Active Membership is $75, Associate Membership is $50, and Affiliate Membership is $25! Students Membership – FREE! Associate, Affiliate, and Student Memberships are open for Out of Network Licensed Private Investigators, Legal, Skip Tracers, OSINT Data Crime – Fraud, and other investigative – public safety professions.
  • Know your Board of Directors – Standing Committees – working for “Transparency, Truth, and Training.” Our greatest resource and investment is YOU!

Apply for membership here and reap the benefits both above and below. Any questions? You can reach INWPIA at (833) 446-9742.

INWPIA Member Benefits

1 month FREE
up to a $58 value

Receive the 2nd month free for a listing in their primary county.

1 month FREE
up to a $120 value

Receive the 2nd month free for a listing in their primary county.


$100 off

Receive $100 off the set-up fee for a custom website.

See examples here.

Local Search Optimization

1 month FREE

Get 1 month free of Local Search Optimization for Google and other search engines.

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