DeepL Translation Transforms for Maltego


DeepL Translation Transforms for Maltego

We are delighted to announce our latest integration with DeepL, which brings the power of translation into Maltego!

DeepL integration in Maltego

Introduction to DeepL Transforms 🔗︎

DeepL’s machine translation technology takes advantage of AI neural networks to produce highly accurate translations.

DeepL’s English to German, Chinese, and Japanese translation is more accurate than others

With the new DeepL Transforms from Maltego, you can translate the main value of any Entity in Maltego into over 20 different languages, including:

Languages available in DeepL Transforms

Instead of modifying the main Entity value, the Transforms conveniently add the translated text as a note on the Entity but also as an additional property, which can be seen on the Detail View panel. This way, you retain the original text as well should you need to refer back to it later.

Let’s look at the integration, which currently consists of 3 Transforms:

  • To Translation [DeepL]: Updates the Entity with a note containing the translation of the main or original input value.
  • To Language [DeepL]: Uses DeepL to detect the language of the input value of an Entity.
  • Translation To Phrase [DeepL]: Returns a Phrase with the translated value of the original input Entity.

Let’s take a look at a quick example on how you can use these Transforms to enhance your analysis and speed up your investigations. In this example, we are looking for dark web forum posts discussing “Clipper Malware.”

Example of dark web forum posts discussing Clipper Malware

As you can see in the image above, some of these posts are not in English.

Working in a language we are not fully proficient in usually slows down our investigations. This is because we would need to copy the post information into a translation tool to get the translated text and then paste the results into our existing Entity, which is time-consuming and not scalable.

Now, with the DeepL Transforms, we can simply select the Entity that contains the information needed to be translated and run the To Translation [DeepL] Transform.

Select and run To Translation [DeepL] Transform

As we can see, we now have a Translation section in the Detail View that shows the translated version of the original input value.

If we only want to identify the language used in a forum conversation or a news article, for example, we can run the To Language [DeepL] Transform.

Run the To Language [DeepL] Transform

In this case, we can see that DeepL has detected Russian as the language used on these dark web posts.

DeepL detects Russian as the language used on the posts

Finally, we can also extract the translated text as a Phrase Entity by running the Translation To Phrase [DeepL] Transform.

This would be handy if you want to be able to read the translated text without opening the Detail View for each Entity.

How to Access DeepL Transforms in Maltego 🔗︎

DeepL Transforms are available to all Maltego users who have a DeepL API key. Maltego Enterprise users can simply install and start using the Hub item with a data allowance of 1,000 Transform runs per month.

We hope this integration allows you to speed up and improve your investigations involving foreign languages!

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Happy translating!

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