ACFCS Launches New Crypto Compliance Designation


ACFCS Launches New Crypto Compliance Designation

July 21, 2022 – BitAML is excited to announce the launch of the ACFCS (Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists), “Crypto Compliance Specialization.”

Launched at the Crypto Compliance Symposium this morning in San Francisco, CA; the Crypto Compliance Specialization is the result of an amazing team effort by financial crime experts at BitAML, Chainalysis, ACFCS and many others from across the compliance community. This specialization is designed to provide financial institutions, compliance personnel, regulators and members of law enforcement with an introduction to cryptocurrency and the many different ways this ecosystem interacts with the world of AML, fraud prevention, consumer protection and the broader risk management spectrum.

The course includes a robust package of over 20 hours of self-guided study, instructor-led training (BitAML founder Joe Ciccolo is one of these instructors), a study manual, practice questions and a final exam that if passed, will reward compliance professionals with a valuable and sought-after specialized credential. The designation provides practical knowledge and experience that can be applied within any financial institution, regulatory, or law enforcement agency, giving tools to understand and investigate crypto-related activities.

Over the course of several months, the BitAML team contributed to the curriculum, prep course, and final exam questions, working alongside a dedicated group of amazing compliance industry colleagues with a common mission of enhancing the investigative knowledge of our fellow compliance colleagues, and perhaps even dispelling some misconceptions about cryptocurrency along the way.

Here at BitAML, we hope you will take this opportunity to join us in participating in the ACFCS “Crypto Compliance Specialization,” and look forward to seeing you at a future prep course session.

For more information on the designation, visit or check out their YouTube announcement.

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