3 Ways Investors Can Recover Their Lost Investments


3 Ways Investors Can Recover Their Lost Investments

3 ways investors can recover their Lost Investments. In this section, we will talk about some of the most common and successful scams in the world. We will also talk about how they work and how you can try to avoid them.

It is difficult to avoid a scam if you don’t know what it is or how it works. For example, there are many investment scams that take away people’s money. These scams generally work by promising a high return on investments but then stealing their money instead of giving them anything in return.

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An investment comes with a risk for a potential reward in the future. The investment may not work, and the investor might lose all the money. Investment losses occur due to bad financing decisions, fraudulent intermediaries and services, and bankruptcy of investment firms. Therefore, it is always wise to hire the services of a finance recovery specialist.

Depending on how the money is lost, the recovery process would vary. Below are some forms of investment losses and the ways to recover the sunk amount.

Forms of Investment Losses

The way the money is lost would determine whether the investment is recoverable or not. Below are some common ways people lose their money.

Operational Losses

Investment is a game of risk and return. Investment options with higher returns come with a greater risk, as well. When people invest their money in a business, stocks, or other securities posing an above-average risk, they can lose the money if the underlying asset does not perform as expected.

Firm’s Bankruptcy

The investment firm could go bankrupt, sinking everyone’s investment.

Lack of Financial Advice

Poor financial knowledge before making investment decisions can lead to losses. Financial advisors use advanced models to analyze the risk-adjusted returns of investment opportunities. Without their advice, investors are more likely to make an investment loss.

Fraudulent Schemes

There are countless illicit investment plans out there that steal investors’ money. Therefore, it is wise to find out how the money-making scheme could steal the money and how one can recover the investment.

3 Ways to Recover The Lost Investment

It’s important to learn the telltale signs of an investment scam. While there are many different red flags when it comes to scams, some of them include high rewards with little risk, vague or complex information on the company and investment, and if they ask for your personal information.

If you’ve been scammed and need help recovering your money, there are a few things you should do first: contact law enforcement officials as well as the company where you invested your money. You should also contact organizations that help people recover their funds if that is necessary.

1.      Recovering Lost Bitcoin

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Below are the multiple actions an investor can take to recover bitcoins.

  1. Get Help from Financial Authorities: The first thing to do is report the case to financial authorities. These institutes keep track of every fraudulent financial activity and offer a faster route to recovering money.
  2. Reporting the case to the financial authorities, even while taking help from a recovery expert, can prevent other people from falling victim to this scam.
  3. Get External Help: Reach out to the external parties capable of recovering lost investment. First, inform the crypto or bitcoin wallet provider that the company is refusing to pay back. The crypto wallet provider might take action to recover the money or blacklist the company engaged in fraudulent activities to protect other investors. Similarly, investors get help online. Many unfortunate investors have fallen victim to cryptocurrency scams, and listening to how they recovered their money can offer solutions. Useful platforms to start with are Quora, Reddit, Facebook, and other social media websites.
  4. Reach out to the Fraudulent Platform: Less effective at times but worth trying, the last action investors can take is to contact the fake investment platform that defrauded them. They may not be a fraud, and there might be a delay in payment. Have a word with them to clarify this. Besides, inform the fraudulent platform to exert some pressure.
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Follow the steps below to recover money from binary options or forex frauds.

  1. Contact the Trading Regulatory Body: Every region has a trading regulatory body that oversees foreign exchange trading, so reaching out to them is the first step. They directly monitor each broker in their domain, and lodging a complaint with them can assist in recovering money. The investor needs proper evidence to support their case. National Futures Association (NFA) is the trading regulatory body in the US. They even have a separate section dedicated to reporting fraudulent trading activities on their website.
  2. Discuss with the Broker: Mostly, the losses in forex and binary options result from poor trading strategies of new investors. Therefore, they blame the broker for their sinking investment. Keep a cool head and gather all shreds of evidence, such as transaction logs and bank statements, before approaching the broker. Investors should discuss with them why they think they’ve been a victim of fraud. Their broker can help point out why they’ve lost the invested money and the potential ways to recover it. A fraudulent broker will cut off all communication, forcing investors to move to our next step. Nevertheless, investors should let the broker know that they’ll initiate legal proceedings against him. In most cases, brokers cannot afford the heavy legal penalties and would refund the money.
  3. Claim a Chargeback: Those who have lost money to forex, a chargeback is possibly the best way to recover lost funds. Through a chargeback, they can directly recover funds from their bank or credit card issuer. It is the easiest step they can take, as they don’t have to deal with the investment firm. Instead, the bank refunds their money and communicates with the investment company on their behalf.
  4. Even if the company they’ve invested in has closed down, a chargeback is still possible. However, different credit card issuers offer varying deadlines for chargebacks. Usually, investors can claim a chargeback within 120 days of the fraud. Investors must make sure they familiarize themselves with their credit card’s deadline.
  5. Spread the word: This step is worth considering. Forex and binary options traders, brokers, and companies use forums like Forex Peace Army daily for trading purposes. Spreading the word about the scam on these platforms can help these dealers shut down and protect other investors. Many dishonest brokers have gone out of business due to such negative reviews.

Even when investor try all the steps discussed above, it does not guarantee the recovery of their lost investment. An effective way to get their money back is availing the services of a recovery expert. Recovery specialists have access to advanced digital tools and technical expertise to track down a scam and recover assets.

Cryptocurrency scams are harder to deal with due to the introduction of new technologies like Blockchain. They’ve weakened the effectiveness of legal controls against such fake investment schemes. However, recovery experts have better digital tools and models that help them keep track of every transaction made from an investors account and hunt down the scammers.

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