3 New Ways To Recover Scammed Bitcoin


3 New Ways To Recover Scammed Bitcoin

3 New Ways To Recover Scammed Bitcoin

Before you give up hope and break out the pitchfork, consider that there are many new services and ways to recover stolen digital and crypto assets. Let’s review three of them.


Crypto-recovery is a complicated process, but it is the most effective way to recover bitcoin. It requires specialized equipment, technical knowledge and smart contract expertise. For this reason, it’s also the most expensive type of recovery.

The first step in crypto-recovery is to identify which wallet contains your Bitcoin (BTC) funds. You can do this by using blockchain explorers like [BlockTrail](http://blockchain.info/) or [Blockonomics](https://www.blockonomics.co/). Once you’ve found where your BTC funds are stored on the blockchain, you’ll want to contact a crypto-recovery service provider for help recovering them from cold storage wallets like Trezor or Ledger Nano S devices (or any other type of hardware wallet). Once they’ve received your payment and agreed on conditions with you regarding price and timeframe for completion of their services, they’ll begin working through multiple steps:

Unencrypting encrypted private keys in order to access all bitcoins stored within them;

Decrypting AES 256 keys used in secret sharing schemes;

Decrypting ZKP key pairs;

Decrypting RSA 2048 keys used in elliptical curve cryptographic algorithms;

New ways to recover scammed Bitcoin

New ways to recover scammed Bitcoin
New ways to recover scammed Bitcoin

Asset recovery firm claimpaybacks Outsourced wallet recovery is the process of recovering scammed bitcoin with a third party. There are several ways it can be done, including:

  • The victim sends the scammer’s public key and address to a smart contract firm that specializes in this service. The site then creates a new address for them, which they send back to the victim.
  • The victim sends their public key and address to another person with access to high-end computing power (such as Amazon Web Services), who creates a new address—and then gives it back directly to them!

Digital triangulation

Digital triangulation is the process TheHackerspro identifying a Bitcoin address by comparing it to at least two other known addresses. This can be done manually, but it’s much easier to use software to do this process for you.

In order to understand how digital triangulation works, you first need to understand how Bitcoin wallets are created and how they work. Every Bitcoin wallet has three public keys: one for receiving funds, one for sending funds and one for signing transactions (e.g., spending coins).

3 new ways to recover scammed bitcoins
recover scammed bitcoins

It’s this last key that we’re concerned with here: if someone were able to obtain your private key without permission then they could steal all of your money stored in that particular wallet! While most people won’t notice if just a few dollars are missing from their account balance at any given time — especially if it happens over several months or years — losing thousands or even millions would definitely get noticed quickly!

The three ways are digital triangulation,

crypto-recovery and

outsourced wallet recovery.

There are several ways to recover bitcoin and ethereum that have proven successful in the past. The three most effective ways are digital triangulation, crypto-recovery and outsourced wallet recovery.

  • Digital triangulation is the most effective way to recover bitcoin, but it is also one of the more complicated methods. It involves analyzing different ledgers on multiple platforms (blockchains) and cross referencing them with each other until they match up with your original transaction. This technique can be used to retrieve lost funds because hackers often leave behind a trail of evidence during their hacks, which makes it easier for Asset Recovery Firms like ClaimPayBack to identify where the money went after being stolen by hackers.
  • Outsourced wallet recovery is another very effective way to get back stolen bitcoins or ethereums because this method involves contacting third party service providers who specialize in keeping track of transactions and transactions between wallets/addresses within their network infrastructure so if something happens like losing access then they’ll be able to locate where those coins went after having been transferred out from an account without authorization/knowledge due at some point during these transfers across various ledgers/networks which means there’s really no way around getting them back once you know where they’ve gone since there’s no way anyone would give up their private keys willingly without any kind of incentive involved either financially or otherwise because otherwise then why would anyone else even use cryptocurrencies?


Hopefully, you’ve realized that the most important thing is to secure your bitcoin after the scam takes place. There are many ways to do this and they need not be complicated. The process can be simple, but it needs a good amount of planning and forethought on your end. Hopefully, from reading this article you’ve learned about how to recover your bitcoin funds in three new ways!

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