3 important bitcoin investigation steps

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3 important bitcoin investigation steps

3 important bitcoin investigation steps

3 important steps that will make your bitcoin investigations successful as written by an ex-private investigator.

Bitcoin offers a unique opportunity for financial investigation in that an amateur can easily research a given person’s bitcoin usage. The most basic framework of financial investigation consists of identifying a target, searching for negative information about them or their past, identifying the target’s associates, and then searching for negative information on them. Bitcoin lends itself perfectly to this kind of investigation.

Bitcoin Investment Advice

As we’ve discussed, bitcoin is a volatile asset. It’s a new technology and an investment opportunity that many people are unfamiliar with, which means that they are less able to fully understand what they’re investing in. This lack of understanding can lead to scams like “investment advice” where someone pretends to have inside knowledge about the potential value of bitcoin (or any other cryptoasset) and tells you how much you should buy or sell at certain times.

The problem with these kinds of services is that they’re usually too good to be true: Bitcoin prices fluctuate wildly from day to day sometimes by hundreds or even thousands of dollars and no one can predict what will happen next! The only way someone could guarantee accurate predictions would be if they had access to insider information about company decisions or government regulation changes before anyone else knew about them…which would basically make them soothsayers instead of investment advisors!! So don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise!

What can an amateur bitcoin investigator learn about a person’s financial history?

If, for example, someone named Asma wants bitcoin she must get a “wallet,” which will contain one or several bitcoin “addresses.” An address can hold money, send money to another address, and receive money. Asma’s bitcoin activity is public, but her name and identity are theoretically anonymous. In a scenario where we are given a specific bitcoin address (whether it is anonymous or owned by a known business associate), the following are steps that we can take to investigate.

Tracing Bitcoin Transaction On The Blockchain; Bitcoin Investigation

Blockchain is a useful tool. The site allows one to look up a bitcoin address and see all of its past financial transactions in addition to how much currency it currently owns. Every transaction, each time the bitcoin address sent or received money, is listed along with the date, the amount of money transferred, as well as the bitcoin addresses that sent and received the money.


Wallet Explorer allows one to find the wallet containing the address of interest (the wallet has its own unique number to identify it). This site also allows one to find if there are other addresses in the same wallet. If there are other addresses in the same wallet, the person who owns the wallet and all of the addresses in it. Therefore, finding the wallet is a great way to find if the owner of one address is also the owner of others.


bitcoin investigations

Bitcoinwhoswho.com is especially valuable in conducting scam investigations. This site not only provides the current balance and number of transactions but also whether the address has appeared on any websites and the IP address of the last transaction.




Note here that our wallet address does not appear on any websites, but the last IP address is shown. We can then take that IP address and put it into one of many IP address search engines such as IPaddresslookup.com and it will tell us the location and ISP of the IP address.

recover bitcoin from scam

Here we can see, that the last transaction from this wallet came from Norfolk, VA in the US who was using Verizon as their ISP.

Have you been scammed of your cryptocurrency?

These investigative tools can assist you in tracking the activities and identifying the scammers/thieves. The next phase is recovery when the culprits have been identified.
To identify these criminals and recover stolen bitcoins, ChargebackPros employs all of these methods in combination with our own patented tools. If you need help retrieving your bitcoins, visit our Digital Forensic Investigator, and submit a request. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Submit A Case

Asset Tracing

  • Asset tracing is the process of tracking the movement of assets (such as money, property or information) from one person or entity to another.

  • Asset tracing can have a variety of different uses depending on your investigation goals. For example, if you are investigating an employee to find out why they stole company funds, asset tracing will allow you to track where those stolen funds ended up and what other activities they may have been used for since then.

  • The benefit of asset tracing is that it allows investigators to see how pieces of evidence connect together in a larger picture. Without it, investigators may miss important connections between various pieces of evidence that could lead them toward solving their case more quickly or efficiently than otherwise possible.

  • The cost associated with asset tracing varies depending on your investigation goals and available resources but generally falls into one of two categories: financial costs such as hiring additional personnel or purchasing software programs; or time spent researching online databases which might not yield any results at all (but do require hours upon hours).

Crypto is a great tool for scammers, so be careful and make sure your investigation is thorough.

The cryptocurrency space is a great tool for scammers, so be careful and make sure your investigation is thorough.

Investigate the transaction, the sender and the receiver.

Use a blockchain explorer to trace the transaction. A blockchain explorer is an online tool that allows you to view transactions on a blockchain by providing all of their details in real-time, including the location of each coin or token at any given time; who sent them; what they were used for; and even who received them. This can be very useful when investigating fraud because it will show you exactly where funds have been transferred from or sent to, which can lead you closer to finding out their source (or at least narrowing down your search).


If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering what to do next. The best thing is to just keep reading and learning about different ways you can protect yourself from crypto scams. You can also educate yourself about what steps law enforcement takes when investigating a case like this so that if something does happen to your investment, then you know where to go for help.

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  1. I was scammed by TDTGI platform, they took my $69,000 money, I can’t get it back
    They tell me I have to deposit $16,000
    How can you help me to save my money?


    I bought crypto and got scammed by TDTGI platform, they took my $69,000 money, I can’t get it back
    They say I have to deposit 16,000$.
    How can you help me save my money? I need to verify my identity I need to deposit another $16,000 to verify my identity I cannot deposit this money How can you help me save my money

  2. BTC and eth were stolen from a ledger nano s and exodus wallet totaling around $100,000. The hacker had remote access to my computer and was able to move funds from both wallets before I understood what was happening and shut down the computer. The ledger nano s has always been in my possession and has not been online for a year so I am confused how assets were taken from the nano s device I have in my possession and never online. I have the wallet keys and files I can provide once we discuss the services you offer. Thanks for looking at this.

  3. Dear respected sir., Thanks for your detailed steps on how to go about recovering funds from scammers but some of us lack the technicality to undertake such a task.

    My name is Arun M S. From India, I am giving full details here.

    I have been invited by one unknown Person to join one telegram group.
    Telegram group name is: “GEMINI FX MARKET TRADE INVESTMENT GLOBAL” Website is : http://www.geminimarket.org
    This group Admin is @AniSyedCrypto2
    He posted lots of profit evidence in the group and based on that , I just started investment.
    They directed me to buy Bitcoin from localbitcoins.com and the same way I purchased and , he directed me to signup with geminimarket.org website, after that make the investment option we selected means it shows btc wallet.

    Then we need to deposit from our Btc wallet, daily they show the proof of profit. like this Plan-1, Plan-2 based on their direction Total of 6000USD am deposited, finally, its showed 6100usd profit including capital amount. I asked for a withdrawal, and they told me to deposit some money for wallet activation 100usd i did, after that, they told me wallet synchronization error needs 1550usd if we spend means will credit to your account, but am afraid and not done, finally, I paid 1000usd for synchronization all. After that, they said all was ok, now I need to activate my wallet, for that 500USD money needed like this, now I am not done, so kept pending. Now I understand I got trapped. any way to recover the money I lost.

    If anything possible means do it for me sir, they are still doing this with many people. I still keep in touch with them.
    Whatever proof you need, I will give you. 6000usd lost from my side, sir.
    Looking for your reply.
    Arun M S

  4. My cryptocurrency was stolen this morning in my trust wallet
    I heard you are excellent in your field of cryptocurrency recovery
    I need some help could you help me
    Best Regards

  5. I was scammed by an investment channel on telegram, The channel had a lot of people claiming they invested and got money back. When I asked about the minimum investment. It started at $200. Then when I asked what I do to make the initial investment he asked me to msg him directly. I messaged him and he gave me an address. I sent them $200 then he said his accountant is asking for $800 more. I ask why I was told the minimum investment was $200, yet I needed to pay five times that. They stopped asking for more after the first day and said my returns were ready.

    All I needed to do was set up a blockchain.com account and give them the password. Then they would log in to it and set up the return of the investment in my account. I did so and then they told me to deposit $1500 to see the account get funded. I told them I don’t have the money for that and they could keep the return on the investment if I could get the original investment($200) sent back to the account I sent it from.

    They spent about a week on and off trying to convince me that I just needed to get the $1500 in my blockchain account to make it work. I kept putting it on them as I was told I only needed $200. They offered me a loan of $1500 and all sorts of other methods. I used their desperation to try to get more information out of them.

    I heard you guys do a bang-up job and figured I could use some help.

  6. Dear Company,

    On April 16 and 19, 2021 I bought 6840 ARRR (pirate) coins on http://www.graviex.net for $1.0461 each ( 6840 x $1.0461 = $7,155 )

    After buying this I wanted to send it from graviex to another exchange. Unfortunately this was not possible because graviex had put the wallet offline.

    On April 23, ARRR hit a new all-time-high at $16.76. When I could sell my ARRR coin, the total would be (6840 x $16.76 = $114,638). But that didn’t work because Graviex had put the wallet offline.

    During April, May and August I emailed the graviex support team several times asking why the wallet is continuously offline and when this would be fixed.

    Graviex continued to report that there were issues with ARRR’s wallet addresses and that they were working on the issue.

    Now in October I see ARRR being removed from graviexm hence the coins need to be withdrawn ASAP. I was not informed of this by graviex.

    Last week I tried to send the coins to another exchange. The wallet’s status was “online”. The flat fee is 20 coins to send, regardless of the total number of coins to be sent. So if you want to send 6840 coins, it will cost 20 coins in fee, and you will get 6820 coins. If you want to send 3000 coins, the cost is also 20 coins and you will receive 2980 coins.

    I have tried to send several numbers but without success. I then presented the problem to support.

    According to support, the problem was known and advised me to make the transactions smaller, so send 40-60 coins at a time. The problem with the small transaction is that 20 coins are paid on each transaction.

    If I have to send 6840 coins in transactions of 40, of which 20 coins cost, then the fee is 50%.’

    The coin currently costs about $2. So when sending 6840 I have to pay 3420 coins x $2 in fee = $6840

    While this isn’t my problem, graviex doesn’t want to provide a solution. If I don’t send the coins very fast I will lose all the coins because graviex no longer trades the coins on the website.

    I read on the internet that many traders have problems with this with graviex and that it is pure scam by graviex.

    Probably Graviex explicitly made a setting in the system where only 40-60 coins can be sent at a time to earn high fees.

    In the meantime I have looked up information about Graviex on the internet and this shows that they are scammers. The problems with ARRR and Graviex have been around for a long time. Before I bought the ARRR in April 2021, there were already problems with Graviex. They shouldn’t have sold the coins if they weren’t scammers.

    A Pirate Black support staff (ARRR) has tried extensively to find a solution with Graviex, but Graviex refuses to cooperate and has blocked his e-mail. This means that Graviex is really a scammer.

    Read: https://kosius.medium.com/graviex-exchange-fraud-eb4a7e3a1601

    Everything I try to transfer the ARRR to another exchange is currently unsuccessful. Graviex now says that I have to send it per 20 pieces, but the fee alone is 20 pieces.

    Looks like I’ve lost all 6840 ARRR and never see it again.

    So I lost $114,638 due to this scam (6840 x $16.76 = $114,638).

    Can you help me to recover this amount from Graviex?

    Please let me know.

  7. Hi, I need help in retrieving the cryptocurrency that was stolen from me. I need to find an agency that is ‘legit’ in doing this. Can you assist me?

  8. Hey there! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I truly enjoy reading your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same topics?

    Thanks a ton!

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  11. Thanks for another great post! I have been scammed a few times and found most of the information to be helpful. The article on a crypto chargeback was very interesting and I will definitely be downloading your book when I get back home. In general, has inspired me to follow up on all my investments and make sure no-one is stealing my money.

  12. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading this article and it has helped me immensely. My wife is still pretty skeptical about the whole cryptocurrency space, but when I showed her this article she said she’s going to give it another try. The step-by-step instructions makes it abundantly clear why we should be left alone for our privacy and security with crypto.

  13. I lost money to a crypto scammer called FX Direct. They promised me a return on investment of 10x in 10 days. I was so excited and trusted them to the point that I invested 250,000$. After receiving no money back after 24 days, I’m starting to panic and searching for ways to get my money back. Can you please look into it, their website is also offline and there is absolutely no way to reach anyone.

  14. I had a rough day. I got scammed by a crypto scammer called FX financepips, and lost 86000$. I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. Chargebackpros have been really helpful. They helped me recover my money back from FX financepips.

    They work with many different legal entities to help people get their money back from scammers like this one. So if you’re thinking about hiring them for your case, go ahead! You won’t regret it!

  15. I was in a bind and I had no one to turn to. I was backpacking through Southeast Asia and was on a budget, so I decided to work with a crypto mining company called A1Bitminers. It seemed like a good idea at the time because they promised that their service would be cheap and easy to use. But not long after I started using their services, I started having problems: high fees and unexpected events that will demand more money to solve. It was really mentally draining. I tried to contact the company for help but they were unresponsive, so I decided to give up on them and move on with my life. But then something happened: I lost all my money!

    I thought about filing a chargeback but didn’t know how or where to start

    • When you’re trying to recover lost funds from a cryptocurrency mining company, it’s like being in a dark room and trying to find your way out.

      You feel alone and like there’s no hope of getting out. You feel like you’re going to have to keep paying them forever and ever, with no end in sight.

      But that’s why we’re here! We’ve been through this too—we know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve helped thousands of people just like you get their money back from companies who aren’t regulated and don’t play by the rules.

      We’ve helped people get back over $650,000 from A1Bitminers, which is why we know exactly how much stress and frustration you might be feeling right now. But don’t worry: we’ll help you get your money back too! file a report through the link https://chargebackpros.org/contact/

  16. Fast Invest is a scam. I know this because I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still there—at least, my money is.
    But just like when you get an email from “your bank” saying they need more information to confirm your identity and make sure you’re not a fraudster, Fast Invest’s customer support team will send you a form to fill out…and then another one…and then another one…and then another one (I stopped counting at five). And each time they ask for something different; sometimes it’s just basic information like my social security number (which I don’t have), sometimes it’s screenshots of my bank statements (which I don’t want them to see), sometimes they’ll even ask me to send in my birth certificate (which I can’t do). They tell me that they’re working on my case, but every time I check back in with them after a few days or weeks or months, they say they haven’t found anything yet! It’s been more than two years

  17. I need help getting my money back.

    I invested in Fast Invest through their website, fastinvest.com. I was promised good interest rates, but have yet to see any profits. This is not the first time they have failed to pay me. The first time was over 1 year ago, and they said they would pay my request as soon as possible. It has been over 500 days since then, and I still haven’t seen any of my money.

    Fast Invest has been nothing but trouble for me. They keep coming up with excuses about why I can’t get my money back—sometimes it’s because they’re going through financial problems, or sometimes it’s because their servers are down and they can’t process my withdrawal request at the moment—but whatever the reason may be, it doesn’t matter to me anymore because all I want is what’s rightfully mine: my money!

  18. The cryptocurrency market is under-regulated at best and deliberately rigged against everyday consumers at worst. A financial market cannot be considered healthy if there are no guardrails in place to protect consumers from scams & bad actors.

  19. People in cryptocurrency really do be like “wow can’t believe this scammer who previously stole money from people would scam and steal money from people again” Definition of insanity.

  20. Chargebackpros protects people who fall for scams and lose their money every day. Their goal is to create an active community that increases automatically by recruiting new members on common social media platforms.

  21. Everyone be careful of texts that you receive from someone you don’t know saying that they got the wrong number. These are cryptocurrency scams. Simply ignore them or block them and stay alert!

  22. I am a former customer of Mt.Gox who lost money in the bitcoin exchange hack. I would like to apply for a refund through your chargebackpros.org program, as I was unable to get any assistance from Mt.Gox after they suddenly shut down their service and filed for bankruptcy protection without warning.

  23. Hello, I want to file a claim for a MtGox Bitcoin Hack refund. I was a MtGox account holder and lost bitcoin when it was hacked between February and April of 2014. Company claims that they processed the refund of some accounts but not all. Please help me get my money back from this fraudulent company.

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